Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coming Around Full Circle

So those of you who know me know that I have been working tirelessly editing pictures for the 5 preschools I am photographing. That is a LOT of forced cheesy smiles, snotty noses, bits and smears of lunch or breakfast on their face, wiggling, and lifting the children onto my stool. I really do enjoy it (for the most part) and have fun seeing all the little personalities of these kids. In this particular preschool, I had one little boy who was TERRIFIED of getting his picture taken. He acted as if I was going to kill him. This is the best I got from him at first.

Sad huh? (and kind of cute) :) After all the other kids had their pictures taken, and after much stuffed monkey flipping, and making an utter fool of myself, came the forced smile. I'm not about to settle.

So more jokes, silliness, and a little bit of sweat later, this is what I got.

and finally, a school picture mom can enjoy hanging on her wall. (and a huge sense of satisfaction for me)


cee + kell said...

You're a rock star, Em! Way to go.

That kid is so cute...I love the one where he's throwing his head back in laughter. I can just imagine what you had to do to get that reaction!

Way to work it!

Anonymous said...

I love them! Hope mom buys all of them to remember this little guy. Way to go! Laurle

Gabe said...

Such a cute kid! I love all of the pictures :)

hope2adoptbaby said...

Nice work Emily! That's why we love you taking our pictures can always get the smile and the right shot. See you soon! Shelby