Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get me out of here!

Remember when there were still leaves on the trees? Delicious, vibrant, golden leaves?
I do. And I mourn them. Today, and many days before today, it has been bleak, foggy, smoggy, and yucky here in the ol' Great Salt Lake. When Autumn had arrived last year, I tried to mentally prepare myself for the barren days of winter. Despite the pep talks I would give myself, I can't help it. I HATE the Winter. I so wish I could escape to somewhere warm, with beautiful foliage and a blue sky. Where would YOU go?


Kim said...

Mike moved to Texas to get away from Utah winter :) Worked out good for me!

Kris Doman said...

Oh man, I hear ya. I am beginning to HATE winter too. I am so blasted cold all the time. I would go anywhere warm! SO CAL is sounding fantastic about now.