Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stimulus Package

You've heard of the Economic Stimulus Package right?  Well, I am here to announce the first ever CARPE DIEM PHOTOGRAPHY STIMULUS PACKAGE!!! I know times are tough, and we are all cutting corners, but please, PLEASE, do not let your portrait quality suffer by leaving the job to an amateur!  (It's like when I feel too poor to get a good haircut from my stylist, so I go to a not-so-great clips type place and really regret it, all to save a few dollars). 

But still, I know it's hard to scrape up the money for professional portraits, so I'm here to help.  For a limited time only, I am offering the following: 

Professional Portrait Session (up to 30 minutes)
1-8x10 custom print
2-5x7 custom prints
all for only $55 (plus tax)  

That saves you up to $130.00 right there! And that is not all.  You can purchase a proof package (10-4x6 proofs) for 50% off the regular price! (with additional order of $100+)

Pretty amazing huh? Tell your friends, tell your family, because with every referral, you get an additional $25 credit!  

CALL TODAY! 808-2919 

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