Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Denhalter Family Session

Sometimes, as the photographer, I forget just exactly how much stress, worry, and planning goes into a family session.  I just show up and take the pictures, but my clients, especially this dear man, has to coordinate all the different family's schedules, dictate what to wear (and still know that someone will show up in something that clashes), and make threats to those certain members who may sleep through an alarm.  I really appreciate it when a client goes to this trouble and takes the effort to do their best to make the group coordinate.  Since I don't have to do any of this work, I get to just enjoy the family and take great images.  This family was a blast.  I loved their sassy and silly personalities, and the apparent bonds to each other.  Even though it may have been a pain in the you know what to plan, I hope they enjoy the finished product!  Here are just a few images from that busy day!

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