Sunday, August 17, 2008

E and M, the terrible two

So nothing tries my patience like taking pictures of my own kids.  I have abundant patience for my little clients, but for some reason, I have very little for my boys.  Things start out good, but quickly turn to power struggles and frustration.  Despite the rough morning yesterday, I was able to get some fun images in between the scowls and tantrums.  I love my little guys!


ecdc said...

Great pictures, as usual, Em. I love them. And these kids just look so perfect - their mother must do a great job taking care of them!

Kris Doman said...

Good grief, are my kids getting as old as yours are? Nicely done... I know how hard capturing your own kids can be, but they always end up being your favorite images anyway.

Kim said...

Great shots of the boys Em...send me one for my fridge!