Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up!  Note to men: Don't think this is a holiday you can pass over. As a mother, let me assure you that this day is very important, despite what we may tell you. We don't want flowers, sentimental books, or scented lotion, what we really want is to be celebrated as the amazing mothers we are (at least most of the time). THIS YEAR SURPRISE HER WITH A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR PROFESSIONAL PORTRAITS! Available in any amount you wish, a gift certificate is perfect! Portraits of just the two of you, the whole family, mom playing with kids, or you with the kids, there are so many possibilities! For a limited time only, with the purchase of any gift certificate over $100, receive a complimentary set of press-printed unique gift cards. 


Kim & Mike said...
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Kim & Mike said...

She does a wonderful job of catching the funny little moments in between snapping the "perfect picture." You will end up going home with the perfect picture of your child, something closer to real life and how you will remember your child.